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Author Topic: For Rocwell The Point Is  (Read 2279 times)

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For Rocwell The Point Is
« on: March 18, 2005, 03:36:16 PM »

My point is even doe jabloteh lorse they look like they have an idea.

The warriors losing and they looking hopeless.

They losing against teams that are not the best in the region, they losing against Antigua in friendly, they losing in digicell and in WCQ. Me ent know how you compare teams but they have no way Antigua, Bdos, St kitts or St Vincent better than the shittiest MLS side.

Funny enough your second to last point about past or present national players just confirms a hypothesis I have, if they could look so good when playing for club why when they play for TT they does purge down deyself.

Also the second and most pertinent point is............Lemme spell it out and stop beating round the bush for alyuh who playing blind.........BERTIE ENT HAVE A F!^&king CLUE.

I know you trying hard to find a excuse or defend this warriors team but the fact is they playing shit. I sorry if I get excited by jabloteh....... I see something that I wish was replicated in our national team in all areas. I also see some players who if bertie wasnt in charge woulda be on the national team today.

I just want the TT team do well. if you was in the Jab game you wouldnt of ask them kinda questions and play you looking for answers. Doe try to figure out the jokeyness and mickey mouse that is TT football, just accept and move on. Accept we shitty, accept we making the same mistakes and accept is only prayers or a miracle could get us to Germany in the state we in. I see a brand of ball on Tuesday that look like it could beat side. When last I check TT ent play nuttin that look like it beating anybody period. I play optimist for too long, I does continue hoping but reality set in a lil while now.

Why we cyar have a team chemistry as this side training constantly for over a year now? Why we still have a home core training and when game come no friendly and 9 of the 11 is foreign based who come 2 days before the game. Why do we call back men, who injured, just come orf injury list or who benching for they side, while the men who training hard and giving they all does get leave behind. Why do we have players who cyar cut it be like parasite on the side, go on all tours and never get a sweat. Why do we feel foreign based better than local......when all foreign based were local at some point in time. Only foreigner that worthy of sure pick is Shaka and Dog all the rest we could save airfare and source from PFL. Fellas doe be fooled, the ones who does make side ent the best in TT. Politics keeping plenty of the talent away.

Anyhow we go see in two weeks time how much points we have. Anything less than 4 points and we go get the same headline in the papers............TT now has a mathematical chance of qualification.

But in the interim I go be watching my tv for the Guatemala game and I will be in the Stadium for the Costa rica match, hoping we do something.

A for apple, B for Bat, C for yuhself!

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Re: For Rocwell The Point Is
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2005, 04:30:37 PM »
Touches - I do agree with you that the team is playing a set a shit, our coach is fu&*ing clueless and we have a pretty slim hope of turning things around in time to qualify for Germany.  Your suggestion about going totally local sounds like it might be worth trying if in fact the local boys are playing ball as good as you say since I was not at that match to compare the performances myself.  I would make a small change and suggest that we open up the pool to all PFL players not just Jabloteh because there are some better players on other teams and they can develop enough chemistry by training together at home.

Where this plan will break down though is that assuming a totally local team starts to win some WCQ matches, don't you think overseas clubs will begin to offer contracts to these players?  As you say, all our foreign based were local at some point before they were discovered mostly from good performances in international matches.  So the question is how deep is the talent pool at home.  Can we afford to keep losing our best players to foreign clubs and then replace them with other local players and hope to keep winning?  I mean we are not Brazil and we don't have unlimited ballers back home.

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Re: For Rocwell The Point Is
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2005, 05:42:55 PM »
Let's be clear on a couple of things:

I'm not just trying to defend the team for defending the team sake.  I don't expect T&T to make it to Germany.  With that said, I believe that we must look at a level headed approach to solving our national football problem.  I got the impression from your previous posts that your "Let's have Jabloteh be the national team" idea that you were grasping at straws.  Only a drowning man grasps at straws.

I don't expect T&T to hire any coach and qualify for a world cup in a year and a half.  Personally, I'd give St. Clair (as I would any other coach) a minimum of 4 years to get things together. For that reason, I'm hesitant to heap blame on St. Clair, especially as he had tremendous success during his last campaign.

Let's talk about Jabloteh.  You were obviously impressed by their play.  I'm not entirely convinced.  (With all due respect to your opinion, of course, I certainly do not suggest that you are incapable of distinguishing good play from bad). 

To examine the situation:
They played an MLS team (not a league with a Serie A type reputation)
It was a friendly
The Metrostars are in their pre-season (not necessarily playing their best)

Their response to the physical play was less than ideal.  This is something we must deal with in Central America, physical play.  Wasn't it just last year when our players were on the receiving end of brutish tackles by the Guatemalans.  Remember a Costa Rican player flying cross-body tackle on Latapy in 1996?  We must learn to maintain composure.  Jabloteh failed in that aspect.

Jabloteh lost the game, plain and simple.

I don't doubt that they're doing something good, but it's not enough.  You can't expect me to become excted about a team which lost like that, and to the extent that I'd say that they should become the national team.  Not good enough.

I'm sure they have good players which should be considered for the national team.  Who knows why St. Clair is leaving them out?  Perhaps he is to blame.  Perhaps the players are to blame.  Without hard facts only speculation is left. 
I share in your frustration, we all do, but I feel that you are intoxicated with desperation.

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Re: For Rocwell The Point Is
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2005, 11:16:54 PM »

Rocwell desperation is not the word, I just trying to see if I could identify some kinda help to boost this side we have here.

Its only good intentions, and you have some merit, but I feel you have to see for yourself.

Lewwe just say I not seeing any difference between the foreign based, and the local boys........namely the ones playing for Jab.

If the warriors could get the knock, speed and cohesion of Jab I will be happy. That is the benchmark I using and as you doe rate them very high and given your standards, then this should be a easy or reasonable target to achieve not so?

Having said that the national team still woefully short of this standard and they have not done anything to convince the nation otherwise

Lewwe just say a prayer for the team and wish them the best because thats all we could do for them at this point in time, apart from showing up in the game and making noise.

Rocwell we go agree to disagree I understand your analysis, but I ent think you see the big grim picture yet. Anyhow unto Guatemala.

A for apple, B for Bat, C for yuhself!


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Re: For Rocwell The Point Is
« Reply #4 on: March 18, 2005, 11:22:54 PM »
Some man here feel we National team talented.  I eh feel so.  I supporting hard, but I feel this is one ah we most talentless National teams ever.

Doh some go say we have probably de most talent now



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