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Author Topic: Tv6 digicel pro league deal  (Read 841 times)

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Tv6 digicel pro league deal
« on: April 23, 2010, 06:58:13 AM »
Ok so this morning i hear dexter skeene on the radio talking about a deal the league have with tv6. Anybody know if they bringing any of the games live today?? i not in trinidad at the moment but i notice there is a stream llink on the pro league website

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Re: Tv6 digicel pro league deal
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2010, 07:00:14 AM »
if it on tv6 then you could see it online. because there feed does be live. as for the games being live, i doubt it, knowing how tv6 does work, maybe weekend games might be live.
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