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Author Topic: What is the origin of the Soca Warriors nickname?  (Read 17941 times)

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Re: What is the origin of the Soca Warriors nickname?
« Reply #90 on: November 21, 2016, 11:58:14 AM »
Greetings Forumuites,

For the legal minds on here, can any or us or other individuals can be fined for use of the term "Socawarriors" to refer to our national football team?

More logic: I don't think you can be fined for using the term, that's like telling me I can be sued by Nike for saying "Just Do It" in conversation. I doubt you can even levy on a media house for using the term in its reporting. I will defer to those in the know on that one.

Logically it MAY imply that you can be sued for using the term FOR PROFIT. Meaning re-using the term for advertising and/or merchandising purposes, or any kind of commercial use like songs or movies.

I am interested to see if he attempts to take action on this parent website. I don't see any real ad space sales on www.socawarriors.net so his legal team may determine that it may not be commercially viable.

I caught a snippet of DJW on radio about this. Apparently the FA's legal team's advice was to buy the name outright, and as a result Selwyn Mellville legal team put that price tag of 30 million on the outright sale. I think that is where it stands to date, FA want to go in another direction and has board approval to do so but DJW still saying the door is still open to negotiate, he is saying that Mellville has not made another approach subsequent to the pre action letter.

A whole bunch of foolishness on both sides.
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Re: What is the origin of the Soca Warriors nickname?
« Reply #91 on: November 22, 2016, 04:03:43 PM »
It matters not what the TTFF do and what the clown Selwyn do,because THOUSANDS of T&T football fans refer to the national team as the SOCA WARRIORS and the people will continue to dictate the name of the team on the ground



If that's the case why doesn't Melville get the copyright and start selling merchandise and make sure the name stays despite any rebranding effort?
And he could go so far as using "Trinidad & Tobago Football" and other generic references.
He wouldn't be able to partner with a big name manufacturer but he could probably pull off something small. That could be the counter to DJW rebranding threat where he gauging public opinion and reaction.

In the end the income and any chance of rebranding success is tied to the senior men's team results which is up and down so best they just go back to the table and work out a revenue sharing model. Both sides probably far over estimating revenues on this to be honest and making it too big a deal.

If your lawyers tell you back down on the copyright application then you all but conceding he has a legitimate case.
Get it over with already.

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Re: What is the origin of the Soca Warriors nickname?
« Reply #92 on: September 14, 2022, 08:17:46 PM »
Melville receives trademark certificate for Soca Warriors name
By Joel Bailey (T&T Newsday)

VETERAN Trinidad and Tobago sports broadcaster Selwyn Melville has received the trademark certificate for the term Soca Warriors, which is the nickname for the TT men's football team.

In 1998, Melville coined the nickname Soca Warriors while covering a T&T men's team encounter against El Salvador in the United States. The team were called Soca Warriors during their successful 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign, with soca artiste Maximus Dan (now MX Prime) releasing a song called Fighter, which was dedicated to the squad.

Since 2005, Melville has been in a legal battle with the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (now T&T Football Association) concerning the ownership of the nickname.

On Tuesday, Melville got the certificate for the Soca Warriors term at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) in Port of Spain.

According to Melville, "There is no issue again with the matter being settled. We (himself and his legal team) can have conversations with the Football Association to settle this matter. We're not in any fight with anyone, we want to sit at the table and see what could be done."
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