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Birmingham City v Barnsley in 2002: Stern John celebrates his goal.Recently we asked for your views on former Birmingham City striker Stern John to accompany our selection of archive pictures.

Stern John played for Blues between the years 2002-2004 and made his mark on the Blues fans with crucial goals.

Here's some of the comments you sent us...

Nick Xydias:   Last minute equaliser at Villa Park in 2004. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mplIDSeVP20 … Wonderful memories. Some great goals for Blues.

John edden: The last minute goal against the Villa

Chris Quinn: Celebrating like a madman for Sunderland when scoring a 94th minute equaliser at St. Andrew's. Swine.

Jake Martin: Not a prolific goalscorer, but he made his mark with some of the most important & typically late goals of our recent history. His late goal at Millwall sent Blues on our way to Cardiff & The Premier League and of course we will never forget his injury time equalizer at Villa park in February 2004 salvaging a point & keeping our then unbeaten run against Villa intact. Legend

Phil Stevens: The goal against villa in the last min unreal.

Richard Mullen: Great run & cross for Dugarry's winning header in the unforgettable Southampton 3-2 match.

Ritchie Montgomery: his last minute goal against newcastle at home!! and the way he controlled the ball out the air

Jamie Molloy: Got a great reception when he came back as sub for Sunderland at St. Andrews and Blues fans sung that familiar song!!! He then went on the equalise for them.... In the last minute!!

Anthony Garver: Another astute signing by Bruce for 100,000 i think. A real snip when you think all the important goals he scored. And his last minute goal against them from down the road will go down in Blues history for ever.....although he nearly missed it!! lol

Jack Collier: Last minute goal against Millwall the Villa equaliser and the west ham goal was unreal turned the defender and placed it in net!

Ian Geraghty: Obviously the last min goal against the Villa and Millwall spring to mind! He scored a great goal against West Ham too at Upton Park..

Ian Lomax Lomas: The open goal he missed in the malaysian tournament against newcastle.

Tom Singleton:  The most efficient stiker ever to grace st andrews. Comes off the bench with 5 mins to go. Walks about 10 paces, scores then is knackerd and done in!

Richie Tyrell: since millwall in the playoffs you could always depend on stern john to pop up in the dying seconds of a match,but villa away way the cream of the crop

Stuart Davies: When we came on and did his Super Sub bit against Newcastle at home to make it 1-1. KRO!!

Kieran McKeown: The guys equalizer against the Villa is one of my top ten Blues moments.Amazing emotion amongst the Bluenoses when that one went in.I remember this one Villa fan who had been giving it large and gesturing him to b quiet whilst celebrating....its childish but ill take that to my grave!.Priceless.

Margaret Taggart: he scored the goal that sent us all mad and on the way to Cardiff and then on to the premier