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T&T Players Representing US Colleges


# Player DOB Pos College T&T Secondary School
1 Abraham, Dillon M San Jose State University Fatima College
2 Abraham, Dillon M Philadelphia University Fatima College
3 Alexander Jr., Kelshall M Utah State University Eastern Trinity College
4 Alexander, Yohance D Hill College Presentation College San Fernando
5 Allen, Kwesi F Iowa Western College St. Anthony's College
6 Archer, Leland D College of Charleston Fatima College
7 Benjamin, Aaron 1996-01-21 D Mercyhurst University Bishop's High School
8 Benjamin, Ari F Goshen College ...
9 Brathwaite, Kyle M University of Pittsburgh ...
10 Burnett, Chaz F Montclair State University ...
11 Cabral, Sebastien M Drexel University St. Mary's College
12 Celestine, Kyle M Howard University St. Benedict's College
13 Chang, Jonathan M Howard University St. Benedict's College
14 Chang, Jonathan D Post University St. Augustine Secondary
15 Charles, Mawasi M University of New Haven St. Anthony's College
16 Charles, Naeem M Long Island University Brooklyn ...
17 Constantine, Adrian M University of Tampa Queen's Royal College
18 Creed, Brendon 1996-10-10 M Temple University Fatima College
19 Cruickshank, Jonathan 1984-11-18 D Virginia Tech St. Anthony's College
20 Cupid, Kori D University of South Florida Presentation College San Fernando