Boucaud beaming with baby delight.

A footballer’s career is always full of challenges. A professional one?….even more so. What does a division one player do when he faces Manchester United or Chelsea in the FA Cup?

The good ones rise to the challenge and not only acquit themselves well, but sometimes even conquer. Our Soca Warriors are proud to have one of the conquering kind in our ranks. Andre Boucaud.

The smooth, intelligent, Notts County midfielder, dropped in to let us know about a new addition to his family and the upcoming friendlies against Argentina, Colombia and Iran.

Baby Amira entered this world on the 16th March 2014. “She was 9 weeks premature, which was worrying at first, but thank God she’s home with us now and doing very well,” said Andre. “It was hard for us at first when Amira was born because she had to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks, but now she’s home and it’s a lot better. My partner is doing very well also,” he continued.

Amira joins her big sister, Ava, who is 3 years old, as part of the Boucaud clan, and though Daddy may be retired by the time they are into double figures, they’ll surely both enjoy hearing of his exploits on the football field….and perhaps emulating them as Soca Princesses?

Of course, Andre didn’t pass up the opportunity to chat about the upcoming friendly matches. Most, if not all Soca Warrior fans are excited and some are even planning trips to witness what we hope to be remarkable results. As a player, Andre is no less and perhaps even more excited.

He told us, “These are some great teams to test ourselves against, so it will be very interesting. I believe it will be tough, but we can hold our own and do very well against these 3 teams”.

“It will also be great to come up against some of the world’s top players such as Messi and Di Maria. As a footballer growing up, you always want to play against the best players and for sure they are up there in that bracket”.

He went on to add, “Overall, I feel very confident that we, as a progressing football nation can go into South America and give a good account of ourselves.”

Boucaud’s performances in our last friendly matches, showed the type of footballer he is: smooth, simple, intelligent and effective. His performances in his personal life show resilience, faith and a determination to facilitate a happy ending. Combine the two, and Argentina, Colombia and Iran will do well to approach us with caution.

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