SYDNEY FC officials will sit down with star player Dwight Yorke on Monday to find the best solution to his impending leave of absence during the A-League final series.

Yorke is scheduled to skipper Trinidad and Tobago in the country's World Cup warm-up match against Iceland in London on February 28.

The game falls just two days after the A-League preliminary final, and less than a week before the grand final on March 5.

Sydney FC will feature in at least one, and possibly both of those matches, with chairman Walter Bugno admitting the club is obliged to release Yorke for the international because it falls on a FIFA-approved friendly date.

Sydney can avoid the preliminary final and go straight into the grand final with victory over Adelaide in its two-legged major semi-final.

But even if a conflict between the preliminary final and international fixture is avoided, Bugno said there was still the concern of jet-lag for Yorke's return if Sydney made the grand final.

"The Trinidad game is on the 28th, he'll leave on March 1, so he won't arrive here until March 3 and the grand final is on the fifth," Bugno said.

"We still do have an issue of jet lag to deal with even if results do go our way and we go straight into the grand final.

"It is a FIFA friendly date, meaning players have to be released 48 hours before the match and not four or five days before which is the traditional situation (with full FIFA international dates).

"We're obliged to let Dwight go, under that circumstance. But we'll be keeping a close eye on how we should handle this and we'll make a decision on Monday how best to proceed with Dwight and with the discussions we'll have with Trinidad."

Sydney and Adelaide fought out a 2-2 draw in the first leg last weekend with the tie to be decided at Aussie Stadium on Sunday.

"Until Monday we're not really focused on this," Bugno said. "But we'll be sitting down after this weekend's game with Dwight to have a discussion with him about it and to understand what our plan of attack should be."

Yorke has missed two games for Sydney this season because of his international commitments with Trinidad, which qualified for its first ever World Cup finals after a playoff win over Bahrain last November.