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Roger Barton has cleared up the mystery behind Lee Johnson's appearance in Stern John's shirt during the second half of last night's 2-0 win over Coventry City.

The City kit man was called into action soon after the restart as Lee trotted out unknowingly in Stern's number 31 shirt.

Roger takes up the story, telling "Most of the players change their shirts at half-time, and I take their first-half ones away immediately to start the washing process.

"I hang all the shirts up, and they overlap slightly. Ironically Lee and Stern sit next to each other, Lee saw the '3' and 'John', thinking it was his '33 Johnson' shirt, but it was in fact Stern's!

"All the players had gone out, apart from Stern - who was busy looking for his shirt. He came to me and said it's not there. I was sure it was but only Lee's shirt was left in the changing room and we knew immediately what had happened.

"I had to rush to get Stern's (first half) shirt out of the washing machine - so he was the last to return, and with a wet shirt at that. We then retrieved Lee's shirt and managed to find a break in the play where he could swap back."

It was understandable Lee didn't notice a difference as both his and Stern wear medium sized shirts. Thankfully, back in his own shirt, Lee bagged the crucial second goal to defeat Coventry!