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#26 - Radanfah Abu Bakr in Caledonia AIA colors.Trinidad and Tobago defender Radanfah Abu Bakr has become the latest Soca Warrior to join the professional league in England.

Abu Bakr, who started in two recent World Cup qualifiers against Mexico and El Salvador, has signed with Championship Division club Swansea City on a short term contract. Revealing this was agent Mike Berry who expressed his delight over Abu Bakr’s move. The player also trained with Cardiff City and Charlton Athletic over the past two weeks.

”It’s great news for the young lad because it now allows him to play in an overseas professional environment every week. Swansea is an ambitious club with top facilities and both Jason Scotland and Dennis Lawrence have been here before.

“Radanfah was also here on a tryout some months ago and the club liked what they saw of him which has led to this eventual move,” Berry said yesterday. ”He has worked real hard for this opportunity and deserves the chance to impress at a well organised club. This will also give him the confidence to establish himself in the TT national side under Russell Latapy who I know rates the boy very highly.

“He has the ability to become a great central defender and if he continues developing as he is, I am confident he will be and it is nice to see another young Trini making his way in UK football and the third at Swansea FC,” Berry said. The 22-year-old has made five senior team appearances and has also played for TT at the Under-20 and Under-23 level. Bakr is scheduled to return from London next week to join the TT Senior Team for next Saturday’s 2010 World Cup Qualifier against Honduras.

The local contingent of players will depart for San Pedro Sula on Monday and will be joined by the overseas-based professionals later that day.