He tells Bill Goldie, "God will guide me in my decisions"

Marvin Andrews is stll waiting to make his Palmerston debut, but the weather may well put paid to that. The big man might have to melt the ice and snow with his 'healing hands' if he hopes to hear the Queen of the South anthem ring out as he takes the field.

Says Marvin himself, "We'll just have to sit back and wait!. There's only one person controls the weather and that's God.

"It's still very snowy and icy up in Kirkcaldy and were're all training indoors, but there's nothing we can do about that!

"We've picked up four points in our last two games. Both those matches were away from home and very hard games, so I think this is very good going.

"If the match does go ahead on Saturday it will be my first ever game at Palmerston Park and I'm looking forward to that. After those two good results at Morton and Partick Thistle we must try and build on that and get all three points from Ayr United.

"I still travel back and forward from Fife with 'Tosher' and he's some boy--a laugh a minute! Both Neil Scally and 'Tosher' are recovering from injury at the moment and they've called upon me to exercise my healing powers. But I've told them both, 'have faith in God, he can heal you! It's all down to yourselves, so believe in him!"

With Gordon Chisholm about to talk with Billy Reid at Hamilton regarding an extension to Marvin's loan deal, he insisted, "I'll just have to wait and see! I'll consult God, he will guide me and tell me the right thing to do. When I have his confirmation I'll then know  what decision to take".