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Jason Scotland on march with Dad's Army

IPSWICH’S Dad’s Army have what it takes to launch an assault on the Premier League, according to veteran striker Jason Scotland.

Seven straight defeats had left boss Paul Jewell on the brink, but his experienced troops earned him a spectacular reprieve.

Scotland, 32, said: “Football is a results game and, when you don’t get them, there is pressure and people look at the manager.

“It is hard to tell whether his job is on the line or not, but when you are not getting results, your job is up for grabs.

“It is a big three points and things have changed.”

Barnsley led 2-0 at half-time through a Craig Davies penalty and Ricardo Vaz Te’s diving header.

But Ipswich roared back after the break, with Keith Andrews bagging a four- minute brace.

Defender Danny Collins headed the visitors in front and Michael Chopra rifled a low shot in off the post to make it 4-2.

Scotland added a fifth when he swept home Aaron Cresswell’s cross in the 83rd minute before Davies scored for Barnsley with a free-kick from 20 yards.

Scotland was one of six players over 30 in the starting line-up.

He said: “Everybody has the hunger and still want to play in the Premier League.

“Early on in the season, when we were about fourth in the table, we were having fantasies when we spoke of getting back into top flight.

“We still have dreams. I want the big time and another crack and so does everybody else.”

Defeat ended a run of four wins in a row for Barnsley.

Manager Keith Hill said: “I won’t condemn the players too much because this is the nature of the league we’re playing in.

“I have to give credit to Ipswich. When you look at some of the players they have, it’s a Premier League team.

“They’ve had a bad sequence of results but goals give you energy.

“Our goals in the first half energised us, but the goals they got at the start of the second half gave them energy.

“I’ve got to expect and shoulder that type of result.”