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Sealy's chances of making FCD roster look good heading to Florida

The big story on Wednesday surrounding FC Dallas was their scrimmage with the United States Under-23 national team on the Adidas Field adjoining FC Dallas Stadium. But one player who wasn’t around for the U.S.’ 2-1 win over FCD was forward/midfielder Scott Sealy.

The ex-KC Wizard, and more recently ex-San Jose Earthquake, has been a trialist for Dallas pretty much ever since preseason commenced just over a month ago and he has performed pretty well for Schellas Hyndman’s club.

The veteran offensive-minded player will be among FCD’s traveling contingent heading to Orlando, Florida later this week, a situation Hyndman elaborated on after the loss to the U.S. U-23s.

"Scott’s been here for about a month or so and he asked me if he could go home and see his family because we’re getting ready to go to Disney," Hyndman said. "I know that we had a game today, but for me it wasn’t as important for him to be here as much as for him to be with his family and then join us."