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De Leon aims for first team in MLS

Nick De Leon, son of ex-T&T player Leroy De Leon, right, wants to establish himself on DC United’s first team.Nick De Leon, son of ex-T&T player Leroy De Leon, right, wants to establish himself on DC United’s first team.

Nick De Leon, son of ex-T&T player Leroy De Leon says he has two immediate goals in his football career which kicked off only this month. Firstly, he wants to establish his place in the DC United start team and secondly he hopes to go on to be even better than his dad.

De Leon made the remarks as he looked on at a Trinidad and Tobago training session at the Home Depot Center, California last week. “I’ve heard so much about him. I know he was really good. It’s been an amazing experience and something I’ve always strived for.

I’ve always looked up to my dad and possibly try to become better than him. I know it’s going to be tough shoes to fill but I’m off to a good start so far and hopefully I can keep it up. I’ve started well and it’s exciting for me. Right now my goal is to get in the starting team and pretty much put my name out there.”
Those looking on at De Leon in the number 18 shirt in his debut vs LA Galaxy earlier this month would have seen flashes of his father as he made a diagonal run behind the Galaxy defence, latching onto Marcelo Saragosa’s through ball before curling a shot off the far post and into the back of the net in the 87th minute.

“It was a good start for me and I would like to keep on working hard and get into the DC starting team. That’s my immediate goal.”

He added that he would be pursuing his T&T passport, having liked what he saw of the T&T team. “I’m keeping my options open.

They’re fun and I like the energy they bring and it looks like they are just purely enjoying the game. For sure I’m getting the passport,” he said, adding that he’s always been in T&T’s corner, backing them at the 2006 World Cup and following the team just like he’s been doing for the US Team.