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In our hands - Boucaud

Andre Boucaud believes the Town can still win promotion this season despite dropping two points at Alfreton on Saturday.

The midfielder came oh-so close to winning the match at the death when his injury time header was cleared off the line by Marcus Law.

But the former York man knows that, with games in hand over their rivals in the race for the Play-Offs, the Hatters are well positioned to make a tilt at the top five.

He said: "If we win our two games in hand we're in the Play-Offs, it's still in our own hands like everyone knows.

"Expectation comes with football. Everyone expects us to be top of the league by 30 points but that doesn't happen.

"It's never been mathematically impossible for us not to be in the play-offs and we've still got the opportunity to go up."