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Lawrence still has T&T ambitions

DENNIS LAWRENCE expressed his delight at netting his first Swansea goal - and then insisted he still wants to play for Trinidad and Tobago despite being involved in a financial dispute that led to him and his colleagues threatening to retire.
Lawrence put Swansea on the road to a crucial home win in the 17th minute when he headed in his first goal for the club since arriving from Wrexham in August.

The totem-pole defender, using his aerial prowess to profit from a Lee Trundle set-piece, was also part of a back four that looked more watertight than it has done in recent weeks.

Said Lawrence, "It's always good to get off the mark with your first goal for a new club, although the most important thing was three points for Swansea.

"I just saw the ball coming at me and the next thing I knew it was in the back of the net. I was just happy to run off and celebrate.

"Overall, this was a massive win for us. Mentally and physically, we prepared ourselves well for the game.

"We knew Millwall would make life difficult and they got in our faces, but we were brave enough to stand up to it.

"It's good to get a clean sheet as well. Everyone wants clean sheets and the more of them we can have now, the better. I thought our defending was good from the front to the back."

It seemed Lawrence's international career was over as he - along with 12 other Trinidad and Tobago stars - threatened to retire over a contractual dispute with the country's football federation.

But Lawrence said, "I'm still available for selection for my country.

"The dispute basically involves the guys who played in the World Cup. We had an agreement with the TTFF (Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation) which we didn't think they were holding to.

"But we've had some discussions with them and hopefully things will be worked out. I still want to play for Trinidad."