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McFarlane heading to Iran on trial

Superstar Rangers captain and Trinidad and Tobago forward Errol McFarlane is heading on a trial at an Iranian football club.

The current TT Pro League leading goalscorer is expected to travel to the Middle East on a three day trial next week.

According to Superstar Rangers Team Manager Richard Piper the trial opportunity was made possible through San Juan Jabloteh coach Terry Fenwick and English agent Neil Murray.

“The Iranian club has showed genuine interest in Mc Farlane and we have already forwarded the necessary passport information to Neil Murray who is in direct contact with the club,” he said.

Errol Mc Farlane who is no stranger to football in the Middle East is thrilled over his chances at playing abroad again.

Mc Farlane previously based in Iceland with Fylkir FC told ‘’, “I have no problem joining an Iranian club. The Middle East where I am accustomed to after playing professional football there,” said the former Lebanese based player.

He continued, “Two years now I have been back at home playing with Superstar Rangers. Now I’m excited to go back out and get another opportunity to play abroad,” said Mc Farlane.

This season Mc Farlane earned a surprise re-call to the T&T national team after a brilliant start to his Pro League season with Superstar Rangers. He represented Trinidad and Tobago at the CONCACAF Gold Cup in June.

The powerfully built forward is also currently the leading goal scorer this season in the TT Pro League with 12 goals to his name.