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Big Marv signs up for the season

SINCE arriving at the Racecourse in August, the big man has quickly established himself as a favourite with the locals.Although based in Scotland, Marvin travels regularly over the border from his Kirkcaldy home to join in training and is playing his part in Wrexham's revival on the pitch.

His initial contract was for six months, but after talks with manager Dean Saunders he has agreed to extend that until the end of the current season.

His presence at the heart of the defence has been a major influence on team looking so steady at the back and he has formed impressive partnerships with Chris Blackburn, Frank Sinclair and Mark Creighton.

"I have enjoyed my first few months at Wrexham and we seem to be building something special here," said Marvin.

"A recent hamstring pull has sidelined me, but I got through a reserve team game against Tranmere and have since returned to the squad, although it's hard for anyone to break back into the line-up at present."

Even sitting on the bench he is keeping the current defence on their toes.

"Marvin has done a fantastic job for us this year and you can see just why he was so highly regarded by the fans at his previous clubs," said Dean.

"Just his presence is intimidating to the opposition and he shows no fear in his play.

"He is a big part of this team and I'm delighted that he will be with us for the remainder of the season."