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We’ve been carrying a ‘few too many’ – Edwards

CARLOS Edwards has today admitted that Ipswich Town have been carrying too many players this season – and made a passionate plea to his team-mates to start believing in themselves.

The bubbly right-back insists the buck stops with the players when any post mortem into the team’s five defeats in six matches is carried out.

And he believes Town’s stars – including himself – have to look in the mirror and raise their game, starting with Monday night’s televised match at home to Coventry City.

The ever-honest Trinidadian said: “We just need to believe in ourselves. The manager and the supporters believe so it is totally down to the players and how much we believe we can do it.

“That is the biggest downfall at the moment. We have the players and the capability to beat anyone in this league. We just don’t believe that we can go from strength to strength.”

Edwards’ admission is a worrying one for Town fans – but perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise with the likes of Jimmy Bullard and Lee Bowyer searching for match fitness.

And he is not alone in the assessment after new signing Danny Collins said that the Blues looked a little “leggy” during the 2-0 reverse at Blackpool on Saturday.

Edwards, 32, added: “I am always confident in whatever game I play in. I’m not saying I don’t have a bad game and everyone is entitled to an off game. But at some stage we tend to carry a few too many people and in this league you can’t.

“The manager is doing his job trying to get the formation and the right players in – which I think he has already. But it is totally down to us now to go on the pitch and get the results.

“We need to look at ourselves in the mirror and say ‘when I go out on the pitch, I am going to do what it takes to win a game’.”