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National Super League

WASA moves within a point of T&TEC

A Brent Antoine strike helped home team WASA edge Valtrin 1–0 in their (Match Day 15) clash of the bmobile National Super League at the St Joseph ground, yesterday. In addition to drawing the “Water Boys” to within a point of leaders and fellow utility company T&TEC, they avenged their 2–0 quarterfinal defeat at the hands of the Valsayn team in the knock-out tournament. Antoine, a former Valtrin player, secured the match’s lone item in the 36th minute as the host held on for the win. WASA has moved to 29 points from their 13 matches, however, they have played one more match than T&TEC. The “Electricity Boys” were on a bye.

Over at Canaan Bon Accord, Tobago, host 1976 Phoenix blanked defending champion bmobile Joe Public 2–0 in their encounter. Andel Brown and Shelton Williams netted first half goals in the 18th and 22nd respectively as Phoenix over took Public in the standings, moving into third on 22 points. Meanwhile, another sister isle team Stokely Vale mauled the visiting Queen’s Park Cricket Club at the Plymouth Recreation ground. Tyronne Manning led the way a hat-trick in the first, 25th and 46th minutes, while Dion Thomas, Eustuce Stewart, and Antonio Balfore accounted for the other goals.

WASA 1 (Brent Antoine 36th) vs Valtrin 0
Phoenix 2 (Andel Brown 18th, Shelton Williams 22nd) vs Joe Public 0
Harvard 2 ( Glen Walker 54th, Duran Felician 56th) vs D/Force 2 (Sherman Phillip 37th, 82nd)
Stokely Vale 6 (Tyronne Manning 1st, 25th, 46th, Dion Thomas 6th, Eustace Stewart 10th, Antonio Balfore 82nd) vs QPCC 0
Club Sando 2 (Andy London 52nd, 62nd) vs St Francois 1 (Kareem Baptiste 55th)

Teams P W D L F A Pts
T&TEC 12 9 3 0 24 7 30
WASA 13 9 2 2 28 13 29
Phoenix 14 6 4 3 23 17 22
Joe Public 12 5 4 3 21 11 19
Stokely Vale 13 6 1 6 25 35 19
St Francois 11 5 2 4 16 16 17
Club Sando 13 4 2 7 17 22 14
QPCC 14 3 4 7 18 26 13
Valtrin 13 4 0 9 15 28 12
D/Force 13 2 5 6 19 22 11
Harvard 13 2 3 8 12 25 9