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National Super League

Super League continues this afternoon

The blink/ bmobile National Super Football League Match Day Nine will continue this afternoon with four matches across Trinidad and Tobago.

In the early match at 3.30 pm, Struggling Defence Force will host West Side Super Starzs at Youth Camp, Chaguaramas. West Side are on a high following a hard fought win over league leaders, Stokely Vale last Wednesday.

The Diego Martin-based club currently sits three points above Defence Force and will be looking to walk away with its second  consecutive victory. Third from last, 1976 FC Phoenix from Tobago will travel to WASA Ground, St Joseph to take on an inconsistent WASA at 4 pm.

At 4.30, Stokely Vale will be looking to regain some ground at the top of the standings with an away win at bmobile Joe Public. The match take place at the Marvin Lee Stadium, Macoya.

Stokely Vale are currently pressed by Club Sando on 16 points each following Sando's 2-1 win over Eagles on Monday. In the late match at 6 pm, the two bottom teams, Real Maracas and St Francois Nationals will battle at Maracas Recreation Ground. The winner of this encounter will move up at least one place in the standings.


Team    P    W    D    L    F    A    PTS
1.Stokely Vale    8    5    1    2    12    7    16
2. Club Sando    9    5    1    3    14    12    16
3. Joe Public    8    4    3    1    12    5    13
4. WASA    8    3    4    1    12    5    13
5. West Side Super Starzs    8    4    0    4    10    11    12
6. Eagles    9    3    2    4    10    11    11
7. Defence Force    8    1    6    1    7    9    9
8. 1976 FC Phoenix    8    2    2    4    8    8    ?
9. Real Maracas    8    2    1    5    6    9    7
10. St Francois Nationals    8    1    2    5    8    14    5


bmobile Joe Public v Stokely Vale, Marvin Lee Stadium, 4:30 pm
WASA v 1976 FC Phoenix, WASA Ground, St Joseph, 4 pm
Defence Force v West Side Super Starzs, Youth Camp, Chaguaramas, 3:30 pm
Real Maracas v St Francois Nationals, Maracas Recreation Ground, 6 pm