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Secondary Schools - Girls

East edges West in Point Fortin SSFL clash

With defending champions Debe having their opening match against Fyzabad cancelled, Point Fortin East were the only victors of the South Zone BGTT First Citizens Secondary Schools Football League Girls Championship on Sunday.

Point Fortin East defeated their friendly rivals Point Fortin West 3-2 with Shennel Jordan, Kernell Rojas and Tamar Johnson on target for the winners. Kadisha King and Konika Alexander were the scorers for Point Fortin West.

In the other South Zone match, Holy Faith drew 1-1 with Vessigny. In the East Zone, El Dorado East set the pace in the title race as the team brushed aside St Augustine Secondary 8-2.

Toco and Arima North were also in action with the latter team leaving with a comfortable 3-0 win. St Joseph’s Convent, Port-of-Spain opened their North Zone title challenge with a 2-1 win over Malick.

It was the only match of the zone as Holy Name versus St Francois and Providence against Maple Leaf failed to kick off.


North Zone

St Joseph 2 v Malick 1

Holy Name v St Francois

Providence Maple Leaf - DNP

South Zone

Holy Faith 1 (Shenice Gittens) v Vessigny 1 (Tenisha Cobhan)

Point Fortin East 3 (Shennel Jordan, Kernell Rojas, Tamar Johnson) v Point Fortin West 2 (Kadisha King, Konika Alexander)

Debe v Fyzabad - DNP

East Zone

Toco 0 v Arima North 3

St George v San Juan - DNP

El Dorado 8 v St Augustine 2