The Tetron based team did not set the world on fire in the T&T Pro League lasts season—and the returning Technical Director Anthony Barrington is promising this season the Defence Force will truly be a force to be reckoned with.

Mr. Barrington told ttproleague.com, in 2006 they would be taking a different approach to their football.

“All our guys are mentally and physically fit and are well prepared for the season ahead—and there is a sense of renewed pride, one of the main reasons for this is unlike recent years gone by, the players spent the entire pre-season together, over the last few years, the crime situation in the country saw a number of our players being called into duty when they were supposed to be training—but that has changed this year and I strongly believe this season will be a good one for Defence Force.”

Anthony Barrington paid special tribute to the new manager of the team Major Colin Millington, who he says is a true motivator, “Mr. Millington has come in and has also played the role of a team psychologist and he has really motivated the players and his influence has been tremendous.”

Defence Force will be returning with the bulk of their team from last season with a few new faces—the Head Coach admitted that their pre-season was shortened, but assured the players maximized the four week period that was available.

One of the reasons Anthony Barrington believes there is a renewed enthusiasm in the ranks, is because of the Soca Warriors qualifying for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Mr. Barrington says, “We have had some players who came off the scene for a while has returned wanting to be a part of the team and are eager to do well, the likes of Balondenu Julius, Kerwin Coa and Akudo Goodridge just to name a few will be back this season.”

However, the likes of strikers Kevon Carter, Odelle Armstrong and Devon Jorsling, as well as experienced players Jerwyn Balthazar, Anton Pierre and Kelshall Alexander are all back and will have to play critical roles if the Army is truly to be a force this season.

The Technical Director, believes hard work brings reward, and he said, “We have worked hard as a unit and we are expecting to do well and reap some rewards this season, and my mission is to get the team back to glory days of the 80’s and also to start seeing players from the Army forcing their way onto the national team and attracting the interest of top European clubs.”

“We have no ‘stars’, but we have a hard working unit, that can play together and as a team we can be very dangerous and are capable of matching any opponent,” Barrington added.

Barington is back in charge and hoping to guide the Defence Force back to winning ways—he admits, “Since I left the Defence Force as coach back in 2002, it was the last time the Army won any titles—since then we have gone without silverware, and this year I will be happy if we can put some trophies on our shelf again-but most importantly I see my role as one of developing the players, while winning is important, but I believe once you have properly developed players the results will come.”

Team profile

Head Coach—Anthony Barrington
Assistant Coach—Kerry Jamerson

2004 Achievements—Placed 4th in the League Competition,
Last season’s top goal scorer—Kevon Carter

New Players—Kevin Graham, David Allen, Kenrick Saunders and Akeil Edwards.

Registered squad of players

Captain-Kelshall Alexander
Goalkeepers—Kevin Graham, Selwyn George, Cleon John
Defenders—Kelshall Alexander, Michael Edwards, Rawle Fletcher, Anton Pierre, David Allen, Akeil Edwards, Kenrick Saunders and Cory Rivers.
Midfielders—Ronald Boyce, Anton Joseph, Ronald St. Louis, Jerwyn Balthazar, Balondenu Julius, Sean Narcis and Kerwin Coa.
Forwards—Odelle Armstrong, Kevon Carter, Devon Jorsling, Akil Pierre, Akudu Goodridge