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T&T Pro League

McFarlane commits to Rangers

Errol McFarlane
Despite their struggle to maintain Pro League status, St. Ann’s Rangers are equipped with prodigy Errol Mc Farlane for the 2009 season. The 32 year old Trinidad and Tobago international has committed his services to his boyhood club this season.

“My decision to stay is more a decision at heart,” he told “I’ve been a member of St Ann’s Rangers since the age of nine and the club is really close to my heart.”

“A lot of people, mainly youths, see the club as keeping themselves away from going down the wrong track. And I want to be part of implementing things that I’ve learned throughout my career to some of the younger guys. And I want to start doing it at home.”

“I born and grew up here in St. Ann’s,” he continued. “And it’s nice to give back to some of the guys who used to at some point in time, come out and watch me play even when we used to play in the savannah. All this is part of my reason to stay and tough it out.”

Rangers have been with the services of Mc Farlane over the years whenever he is not plying his trade abroad. He has been one of the influential persons keeping the club afloat in the Pro League with his performances.

“Some people might think it’s not a wise decision because at the end of the day we have to live and pay the bills. But I believe that things will work out. There are things in the pipeline for the club and if it continues in the direction that the coach has, I believe things will definitely get better,” concluded the former Lebanon based striker.

In terms of performance, Mc Farlane has been working on his fitness extra time in preparation for the upcoming Pro League season and with the hopes of securing a place in the T&T squad during this World Cup qualifying year.

League Standings

# Team P Pts
1 Connection 24 50
2 Central 24 45
3 Def Force 24 45
4 Point Fortin 24 42
5 NE Stars 24 42
6 Caledonia 24 28
7 Police 24 27
8 Jabloteh 24 16
9 Rangers 24 7

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