...Beauty queen wakes up for Mother's Day

Trinidad and Tobago and W Connection FC goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams, 27, said "hello babes" into his cell phone receiver, held his breath and waited.

"Yes babes?" a familiar voice responded, from the other end.

It was Wednesday 9 May 2012 and Williams, the Connection captain, had just arrived for club training at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva with his teammate Clyde Leon, who drove them there.

"Dawg, I going up the road," said Williams.

Leon handed him the car keys. Connection would have to wait. Candice Worrell, Williams' fiancée, had just spoken to her beloved for the first time in 110 days.

Almost four months after a brutal attack outside her Jenexcon Engineering workplace in Montrose, Couva that sent her into a coma, Worrell was finally back.

"I think I reached up the road (to the St James Medical Complex) in two minutes," said Williams. "I didn't say a word to the coach or anybody else. I just went straight up the road."

The former St Anthony's College schoolboy tried to describe his feelings at hearing her voice but failed. When Williams sprinted into his 29-year-old fiancée's hospital room, Worrell, a health and safety officer, turned her head to face him and smiled. It was the smile that gave her a second and more glamorous occupation as a model and beauty queen.