Keron Cummings’ infamous love for the minor leagues has plagued his professional career—one only spanning the years 2010 to 2013, and which featured very little of the midfielder.

Cummings never lacked the raw talent or the ability to be marvellous on the field. However, it was his clear lack of professional discipline, and preferred love of the minor leagues that saw Cummings fail to settle within the Pro League. Cummings, who had spells at W Connection, Central FC and St Ann’s Rangers, undoubtedly starved his potential.

“The minor league is something I used to go about for fun,” said the 25-year-old. “And when you’re childish you don’t really see (the negatives) of it.”

Cummings now has a chance to redeem himself after being snapped up by North East Stars head coach Angus Eve during the December/January transfer window, offering the Diego Martin footballer a fresh opportunity on the professional scene.

“When he first came here I told him ‘let’s go forward’,” said Eve, throwing over his shoulders Cummings’ dark cloud of indiscipline.

“It’s the same information they told me about Cornell Glen when I brought him here (at the beginning of last season). It’s the same information I had about Anthony Wolfe (at the beginning of this season).

“I like to take chances on players. Coaching is more about player management. The kid (Cummings) has the ability to play. I think he is national team quality. My job here is to keep him. He is left-footed. He can do free kicks. He is skilful and has a lot of vision. (Cummings) and (T&T midfielder) Kevin Molino are players in the same mould,” said Eve.

“The past is the past,” stated Cummings, a father of two—four-year-old Jevon and one-year-old Keaam Cummings.

“Angus gave me a fair chance. Other teams kept (judging) me on the stigma attached to me. But Angus gave me a chance to redeem myself and what I’m really about. I’d be proving myself this time and get back my name on the map.

“I wasn’t really stable in the football before, and now I have the chance to be stable in it. Angus has given me the opportunity and it’s if I want it…or don’t want it.”