Read the Soca Warriors Online Exclusive interview with W Connection boss David John-Williams. Get the inside scoops and more on W Connection, it's aim and desire plus many more for next season.

Exclusive Interview with David John Williams.
By: Inshan "Flex" Mohammed.

1. No doubt your team have been successful over the years as W Connection have won the PFL titles in (2000, 2001 & 2005), the FA-Cup in (1999, 2000 & 2002), the Prow-Bowl in (2004 & 2007), the Big Six (2007), the CFU Club Championships (2001 [group winner], 2002 & 2006), the First Citizens Bank Cup in (2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008) and finally the Toyota Classic in 2005. In 2008 your team fail to win any major silverware apart from the First Citizens Bank Cup. What do you feel has been the downfall of your team's 2008 success.
DJW: When one looks at our overall performances in 2008 one will see that we won the First Citizens Cup, the reserve league, and were runners up in the league Championship (by just two pts having had a chance to win it on the last day), and were also runners up in the FA Cup - loosing to Caladonia AIA in extra time. I guess that everyone expects W Connection to win every trophy every year and that is impossible. As far as the league Championship is concern I felt we drop too many points very early in the season. When we review our results in the league it is very difficult to comprehend that we went 25 games unbeaten since June 25th yet we did not win it. I guess that is football.

2. W Connection boost the most foreigners in the league. Do you feel its time to invest in more local talents if W Connection is to have any success in the future or will you continue to search foreign.
DJW: In the game today one has to look for the best possible talent available at a reasonable cost that matches our budget. Were have invested in a lot of local talent over the years and will continue to do so. If one looks at our current senior roster one will find that we are the only team that have a large number of players who have come through our youth programme from as young an age group of U-15.

3. How hard is it financially for you to maintain such a team.
DJW: It is very difficult for most clubs in T&T financially to mantain their team especially with the absence of major sponsership, and large spectator support at league games. It is no different at W Connection.

4. Any idea where W Connection will be heading for preseason.
DJW: Not as yet, we will decide in the next week or so depending on several factors including the Concacaf draw for the club Championships on Thunrsday 15th January in New York.

5. Have you ever consider becoming official partners with a foreign club. I know FC Dallas was partners with our league but we have not heard anything more since the partnership agreement with them.
DJW: Of course. We are always looking for this. We do have a working relationship with Sheffield United in England at present. We do hope that in the not to distant future we can develop official partnerships with clubs around the world.

6. Do you have any plans on bringing in a new assistant coach to help out Stuart Charles Fevrier.
DJW: Yes we do. Discussions are on going. What I can confirm is that our now retired player Jose Luis Seabra will be joining the coaching staff in 2009.

7. How serious are you taking this year CONCACAF Cup Championship. I remember last time W Connection withdrew from the competition.
DJW: We take every competetion we part take in very seriously and with the intention to win it. This year as was the case last year there are better financial benifits when you reach the group stage. This will of course ease the financial burden.

8. Which team in the Pro League do you respect the most.
DJW: One will expect the obivous answer to be Jabloteh or Joe Public, however, over the years because of our success every team comes very focused and prepared to play W Connection. We respect every one because all the teams are improving every day.

9. The fans on the Soca Warriors Online (a Warrior Nation Day) will like to make a trip to see a W Connection v San Juan Jabloteh game for the new season. How do we go about purchasing tickets and so on. Also, as I understand your website has not be updated in a while and there is no way of finding out how to purchase gears and other team merchandise online, will the site be back up anytime soon.
DJW: Our web site needs to be upgraded and it is in the process of being done, including having the facility of purchasing merchandise online. As for tickets for such a "Classico" they will be available on game day without much of a problem.

10. Do you feel the T&T league needs a change in management. Or are you satisfied with the way things are run.
DJW: There is always room for improvement and enhanced management. With the constraints the league operates under we are doing reasonablly well.

11. What can we expect from W Connection for next season.
DJW: Quality football, our usual determination to win titles and our continued objectives to place the club's talent abroad.

12. What do you feel must be done in order to improve the T&T league.
DJW: Improved marketing, a proper organised and harmonised fixture calender with the TTFF and of course improved TV coverage and eventually TV rights.

13. Do you see the league surviving another 5 years and beyond.
DJW: Of course, I am very adamant that going back to even semi-pro is not an option. All stake holders must come together to ensure this especially with the ecominic climate in the world today and the dwindling sponsorship money.

14. Who on your current team you feel is capable of playing on the T&T national team.
DJW: Hugthon Hector, Nickcolson Thomas along with to normal regulars who are in the team at the moment and have been in the team over the past year.

15. How did your team do in the 2008 reserve and the youth leagues.
DJW: We won the reserve league, came second in the U-15 and third in the U-17.

16. Do you have any upcoming stars we can look forward to in the near future.
DJW: I would not like to call them stars just yet, but keep a close eye on Shahdon Winchester, Anthony Parris, Andre Ethiene and Isiah Smith.

17. How is the standard of the league and players compare to 10 year ago.
DJW: The standard has improved, The players are getting more accostomed to the professional life of a footballer and all the teams have become more competitive.

18. Do you feel the stadiums in T&T is well maintained.
DJW: Over worked and very little time for maintenance. There is room for a lot of improvement as it relates to the playing surface. The other arears are not so bad.

Note: On behalf on the Soca Warriors Online and Warrior Nation, we say thank you to Mr. David John Williams for taking the time out to do this Q&A Interview for us. We wish you all the best in the future. May Gob Bless you and your family.