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DENNIS Lawrence, despite two stitches inserted in an ankle wound after the game at Edgeley Park, is a player who never gives up and he demands that same level of commitment from his team mates.

"I'm very proud," said the defender as he boarded the team bus home from Stockport County.

"Today just shows that we never give up, we'll never chuck in the towel. We've been fighting all along to take it into the last week of the season.

"We've always shown terrific spirit, and today we've given ourselves a chance."

A late win for Chesterfield against Oldham, their first in eight games, keeps alive our survival hopes.

"Now we just have to win on Tuesday to take it to the last game of the season and hope other teams trip up," said Dennis.

"Like any team we've had our bad games, but we've always kept going. That's the way we are!

"We've always been determined to keep going all the way until the end of the season and put everything into the hands of God and see what happens.

"We're at the stage of the season now where we need to try to be defensively strong, but the bottom line is we just want to win games. If we keep going, and winning our games, then we'll have done our job."

Turning to his Trinidadian colleague Carlos Edwards, the big man was delighted to see him finally getting over his pre-season knee operation.

"It has been brilliant to see Carlos playing so well this week. It's sad for him that the season is ending now, because he could probably do with another ten games!" reflected Dennis.

"We can still see Carlos at his best next season though, so let's cross our fingers and see what happens!"