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The Galaxy's overtime win versus the Colorado Rapids in the Open Cup quarterfinals came at a price. Cornell Glen is likely out for the season after reinjuring his knee ligaments in Wednesday's Open Cup match versus the Colorado Rapids.

He was limping visibly in the locker room after the game.

"I’m in pain, and that should tell you exactly how I feel," explained Glen, who scored twice for the Galaxy this season before his injury.

Though he had taken a couple of tumbles via tackles in his thirty minutes of action, there were no players neer Glen when he sustained the injury.

"I just planted and my knee went," described Glen. He suffered an earlier injury to the same left knee at the World Cup. The Colorado match was his first appearance since then.

"It's something that I can't do anything about. Tonight was the night for me to try it, see how it goes. It didn’t go well."

Early on, Glen had a couple of attacks on goal, just putting one shot wide.

"I wasn't feeling comfortable moving, but I was alright, pain free," Glen said. "I was a bit scared to cut."

Glen wasn't surprised to get the start, as he and coach Frank Yallop had agreed to test his fitness.

"If I didn't play well, he could make a sub and take me out," Glen pointed out.

Glen had tried to avoid surgery on the knee with rest and rehab instead, but that has apparently not been sufficient.

Yallop seemed resigned to Glen's absence this season, though he had hoped the forward could help the Galaxy's playoff campaign.

"Losing Cornell hurts, but it is what it is," declared Yallop.

Glen did not expect to play again this season.

"Definitely not," he confirmed. "It's my ACL. It needs to be fixed. I'm going to feel alright, then go out and the same thing is going to happen. The best thing is to go, get the surgery done, sit out for the rest of the season, and come back next year."