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FL - Kelvin Jack congratulates Shaka Hislop after his heroics against Sweden in Germany 2006.T&T keeper in full support of Latapy. 

Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper Kelvin Jack talks about his road to recovery, touches on T&T new coach Russell Latapy and also had time to look back at the drumming he got from Ronaldinho's Brazil while playing for T&T U-23 team back in January (2000).
In a recent interview with the Soca Warriors Online. Kelvin revealed that he has been training with English clubs Southend United and Aldershot Town for the last month hoping to regain hit fitness and make a comeback.

Kelvin said; "I have been training with Southend United and Aldershot Town at my maximum for the last month.

"They have been absolutely brilliant towards me and I am grateful they allowed me to use their facilities.

"Obviously the season is over now but my work continues everyday because I have missed the entire season.

"I will be coming to Trinidad at the end of May to continue training. I have already told Stern John he will find it difficult to score! The focus now is being ready for the new season.. I want to do great things, and I will".

Asked how do you see T&T chances after 2 ties and 1 lost Kelvin replied:
"It is certainly more difficult to qualify now for Trinidad and Tobago. I have seen highlights of the games, and we need to be more difficult to beat... have more tactical know how. If we rectify our defensive indiscipline and keep more positive possession, we will have a chance.

"It is imperative we try to secure automatic qualification because it will be much more difficult to beat the 5th placed team from South America. Look at what Bolivia did to Argentina at altitude. South American teams at home are very strong".

"As for Russell Latapy being head coach. He had a terrific playing career. He has been one of our best ever players. I have heard many people give their opinions about his appointment, some positive, some negative. The fact is we cannot judge him right now...

"Those who are judging him have nothing to judge him on. All we could do is support him and hope he has a positive effect on the players.

Kelvin also touched on what he would like to accomplish before he considers retiring from football all together.

"When you sustain a career threatening injury.. You realise how fragile your career is. The past year has been extremely tough mentally. If I'm able to surpass the level I was at 2-3 years ago, I will be delighted. I am really close to achieving that".

And finally, I asked Kelvin. "You once played for T&T U-23 team against Brazil in January 2000. T&T lost that game 7-0. Brazil field stars such as Ronaldinho, Alex, Junior, Mancini and Adriano to name a few. How was the experience and was it the most goals you ever conceded ?

Kelvin (laughs).... "That was one hell of an experience. To be honest, we never stood a chance. They were miles better than us, and we were down to ten men after two minutes. Being down to ten men in Brazil, against those players, in front of 40,000, is extremely difficult. We were far too inexperienced to deal with that situation.

"I could not believe the coach at the time (Bertille St. Clair) was having a go at players after the game. Didn't he realise we weren't good enough at the time ? Sometimes you have to put your hands up, admit if you’re not good enough, and work towards getting better.  I am sure all the players would have learned from that experience", ended Jack.