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Football / Time for a change of Paradigms
« on: March 05, 2005, 01:54:44 PM »
Well I think it is about time we begin shredding the remants of "colonial" precepts. We as a regional entity should begin to  put in place contextual  principles which are  applicable to our region.

These principles must cover a wide spectrum  to inclue: Education, Economics, Political, Social, Athletics, and Judicary systems of governence.

To rely on the British system as the set pattern is antiquated and  gives too much credance to the residual remnants of the colonial masters and Eurocentric systems. Even in sports, we follow too much of the British games and hold them up as icons of what the game ought to be about. We need to create our level of game to a point that it cn be  on par with the world and it must have aflair and brand of soccer that is unprecedent comparable to when Brazil unleashed Pele to the world.

We have to decide by examining different systems of thinking as to which would best suit our regional needs. Maybe by examining world wide models we could forge a Caribbean system that would be applicable to the needs of the citizens in our region.

Football / Local coach vs foreign coach.
« on: March 05, 2005, 01:42:03 PM »
Is this a fact?

Our local coaches cannot compete consistently against any successful coach that comes from a country with a professional league. There may be an exception here or there, but basically I haven't really seen a coach come out of a third world country/ no professional league country and compete consistently against even the mediocre of the foriegn professional coaches. Bottom line on this is when a coach has a certain level of accountability for winning and losing and it impacts not only his bottom line but the existence of the club then this cauldron of competition produces a superior coach.

The coach at Joe Public or Harbor View may all be great guys with great football knowledge but they are still playing in a puppy league,. I believe it is imperative that the best young coaches from Trinidad and Ja have to go out and get some experience in say even a Mexican league, English 1st division, MLS and be successful at the helm for a period of time, then theese guys can qualify to coach a national team.

The same is true for our ballas, every yardman (Jakan) believes that for every UB40 on the team, that the local bred players are superior, not even the actual performnace on the field ever changes that perception, we see time and again that the main force in Jamaica wins are the foreign based players who bring a whole different attitude to ball,m it is not about no star, as Ja has no star balla, I haven't seen one yet, but what I have seen are good players who know thier role and fit into the system well. We in Ja still have yet to see a player of the quality of Yorke and what he has done on a club level.

This is why it does burn me and others on this board that we failed to make the hex as this was our best side, the most professional and the best orgainzed side with a superior coach who taught them consistently about keeping the shape of the defence and a style of play that made them very competitive, and its importance in defending and letting the opposing team do the work to win the game vs giving the game away via mistakes which Trinidad seems to do so often, I just cannot understand how Trin gives up so many home goals vs US and Mexico, it must be a lack of discipline and organization overall. The main reason the Jakan team won the Digi cup in my mind was the application of what Laza was preaching and Downwell has taken up from the defensive end and the inclusion of the MLS players on the side, without that we would have probably lost every game in my opinion and in truth we really didn't win convincingly from all the reports.

That is why I think it is critical that Ja field their best side at the Gold cup and we continue to develop the style and form of play which we developed prior to the Hex, it is probably the most crucial thing to get the continuity from the Laza era, the team must do it's best and the style must be established now with this team and continued to the next Gold Cup in 2007, if we can do that then we can filter in the youth movement 2006-2008 and carve out our place in the 2010 Cup.


Football / Reggae Boyz forum
« on: March 05, 2005, 01:39:57 PM »

Th J.A. forum site is interactive ; allows one to post pictures and to  setup titles  etc. Could this new forum site allow for the same features as the reggaeboyze site?

Football / The state of our Game
« on: March 05, 2005, 12:33:31 PM »
It is with regret and  dispondency that for decades we have the same repeating occurances concerning our  football teams. Why do we rely so heavly upon : foreign coaches? do they have a level of perceived expertise that our own national coaches lack?

Why do we rest our hope and expend our energies on the hope that  "one" single palyer will make that much of an impact to our dreams of moving ahead?

Have we not learned from the past? From our last attempt at WCQ what lessons did we learn?
Here we are still questioning the coach's philosophy, and qualifications. We are still attempting to  exalt certain players as the ' messiah'  aka Latas. This is a team game. It would seem that a well cohesive and disciplined unit could overcome  the need for a perceived 'superstar'

We are still relying on our foreign based players to play a major role; yet we have been disappointed with their contribution to the team. Recall Stern John's performance aganist the U.S.A.?  recall Latas performance aganist  Hondouras in last WCQ.

So what is the solution? when are we going to put a systematic plan in place to address the ongoing obstacles which we encounter each time at WCQ? This year  as in the  year of the "strike squad" we have within our grasp an excellent opportunity to move ahead to the "big stage"

How are we to humanly expect a player who  is disciplined to a particular level and playing in a European system to come back and within 4 days to adjust to : the heat, new players, a new system, change of time zones? Now we expect those players to perform at an optimum level  and get a positive result?

Rah rahs and noise, are not good enough to get results; there has to be an exceedingly regimented approach to breaking down games, levels of physical fitness. preparation, team system of play, strategies and cohesion to begin talking of success.

I for one will try to be in Miami, I'LL STILL FLY MY RED WHITE AND BLAK ANDI'll live with the hope that soemday we will do more that simply make it to the big stage.

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