Mon, Jul


Goalkeeper Marvin Phillip is prepared to receive quite a few knocks as he sets out to stop all shots from entering the home team's goal during the Championships.

Phillip, who has been the first choice keeper in coach Rene Simoes' squad, is determined to maintain that position but says that even if he is not in the starting team, it will not affect the camaraderie.

"I am just working hard to ensure that I make the team. All the players are very eager to do well, some are even nervous but we are working hard and hoping to do the best we can."

Phillip points out that before every match, team members have a chant which is used to motivate each and everyone. I just keep telling myself that I have to go out there and do my best, I must do today, they must not score," said Phillip.

"Although I have learnt a lot previously, this goalkeeper coach has really helped with my technique and I am hoping to keep on improving."

A Presentation College, San Fernando student, Phillip says that at the moment school is the last thing on his mind. "Right now I am not thinking about school or anything else. It is all about the upcoming tournament. That is where my focus is," ended Phillip.