Tue, Nov


National goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams usually does most of his work during national training sessions with goalkeeper coach Jefferson George. But the Central FC ’keeper has to ensure he is in tune with what head coach Stephen Hart wants from the team.

As the last line of defence, Williams has to be at the centre of everything happening as it relates to match preparation and the game itself. Following the Concacaf Gold Cup in the USA, Williams is very keen on continuing a relationship with Hart. 

“I have a lot of time for coach Hart. I’m not just saying this because I want to make him look good or to sound good myself but I thought in the short space he’s been in charge of the team there was a level of professionalism and leadership that worked very well for the team and it was evident in how we played at the Gold Cup,” Williams said.

“We know we have a lot of work to do still but as a player I feel very strongly about the way forward and the way in which he is carrying the team. I expect that as a squad of players we will continue to work hard and follow his directions,” Williams added.

The former W Connection custodian is expected to be named in the final squad for the OSN Cup in Saudi Arabia. T&T plays United Arab Emirates on September 5 in Riyadh.