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Trinidad and Tobago captain Khaleem Hyland grimaces in pain during a 2021 Concacaf Preliminary Second Round match against French Guiana at DRV PNK Stadium, Ft. Lauderdale, FL on Tuesday, July 6th 2021.

It seems that Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) has become a land of beggars. Our Soca Warriors have been training in their match kits? Don’t we have a training kit as part of our apparel? So, Dwight Yorke Stadium got a game because the other stadiums are under maintenance? For two years, it didn’t occur to anybody that all stadiums could’ve been renovated.

I remember quite well that during lockdowns, local footballers, coaches, and administrators had peaceful protests begging Keith Rowley to allow football and sports to be restarted. Ever so often, we hear in the media that big shot companies make millions in profits, it’s true. But why does Angus Eve have to beg via the media for sponsorships? Don’t we have a government, a ministry of sport to handle these issues?

It is embarrassing that our most capped player and head coach of the U20 and senior men’s national team, must stand up in the hot sun and beg for professional, league football for local players, sponsorships, kits, friendly tours, overseas training camps, and proper facilities.

We need a national football league! Not a seven-ah-side tournament every now and again. A professional football league with proper facilities.

This is a shameful precedent. In a oil and gas rich nation we don’t have a national football league. Angus Eve must go and knock on doors in Carenage, Point Fortin and La Horquetta to drag men out for training, when they could’ve playing against each other, for a reasonable stipend, in front of fans who buy tickets and want to watch football for our diaspora, instead of listening to the Government. In that way, the coachman just has to choose the best out of that pool and recall the big boys from overseas to win football matches. What ‘Elite League’? When is Douglas Camacho?

Everybody was quick to cuss out Jack Warner about how stink and dutty he is. Listen to the cries of our head coach, he needs about 20 Warners to get us to the World Cup 2026. I listened to the pain in his voice, Eve said T&T is a football country and that he wants people to come together and support the team. I can’t see that happening, coachman – Keith Rowley said, in T&T sports is just a hobby.

Kendell Karan

Trinidad and Tobago

SOURCE: Jamaica Gleaner