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St Ann’s Rangers are one of those clubs surviving on what some may call a “miracle” and the unbending dedication of Coach Anthony Streete.
And in 2009 the club is continuing its struggle of survival with the dedication of its staff and players.

This season Rangers are without key players Ricky Charles, Shane Rennie, veteran Joseph Peters, striker Keyon Edwards and goalkeeper Shane Mattis.

Streete said that the loss of key players came as a result of poor finance—as the club is still without a major sponsor.

“Finance is our main problem,” he said. “Because of this, we have lost some of our key players. Goalkeeper Shane Mattis, Keyon Edwards and Joseph Peters are no longer with us. The Grenadian pair of Shane Rennie and Ricky Charles are no longer with us because we can’t afford to bring them back.”

“We have been coming along going good as a club. We finished once in the Big Six and in a final the other years. Last year we ended with a (Toyota Classic) final against Jabloteh which we lost. But it shows that we are a good club. However the finance needed to go the extra mile is what we don’t have. We have registered wins against the big clubs but it takes finance to keep that going.”

However Streete has committed himself to the club, yet another season, and strongly holds the belief that Rangers will get better.

“We are basically here with some of the young guys that I’ve been moulding the team around for the past few years together with some youth players.

Streete’s line-up this season will include Corneal Thomas, Christian Thomas, Josimar Belgrave, Elijah Belgrave, Errol McFarlane, Shem McFarlane and Jevon Morris all produce of Rangers and from the St Ann’s district.

“I have always kept the core players from St Ann’s over the years. I think I have the ability to coach these guys to where we want Rangers to be. It might take some and I am willing to continue the fight. 

Other than finance, St Ann’s Rangers are without a proper training ground—a problem Streete and the management of Rangers have been praying to overcome in recent years. However season after season, the problem of no proper home facility still persists.

Streete said that since the beginning of 2008 promises were made by the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Gary Hunt to refurbish the President’s Ground and that this year, those same promises were reiterated.

The President’s Ground has been occupied by rugby and youth football, leaving Streete with little space for work.

Holding the promises close to his heart, Streete is hoping that Hunt—the MP for their area—will make it happen, and soon.

Until those promises become a reality, Streete’s struggle for a training ground will continue. Rangers are currently occupying part of the Queens Park Savannah for their pre-season work ahead of the gruelling 2009 Pro League season.