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T&T show continued improvement

Tonight is a mini report as I have some parties to attend.

First off it hurt me to know we had Bertille in Charge of this team for so long.

Forumites things looking good.........

Birchall had the privilege of singing TWO anthems for the night...God save the Queen, and Forged from the Love of Liberty.

I saw Beenie but he only had One assistant at his side, I didnt see the second one.........I feel the other one gone on a scouting mission

This is the best football TT has ever played since Gold Cup 2000.

Shape, cohesion, ball possession we were doing it.......The only thing we ent do is score.

We need a FWD and we need one bad.......Dwight Yorke is the answer!

Jones doe have it, he throw way some sitter as well.

The biggest disappointment for the night is Mr. Stern John.

Words cannot describe the amount of $h!t he put down tonight.

ALyuh fellas remember the highlight clip that palos post of the worst throwaway in the world......well Stern come within a hair of beating that. But he beat Alibey.no lie.he beat Alibey tonight. The man was sickening.

Starting line up was Ince, Lawrence, Rojas, Atiba and Anton.

Midfield was Tiger, Birchall, Seaton, Carlos

Up front Stern and Jones.

Gents we had total possesion total domination.

Ball was moving from side to side up and down.

Birchall was TT best player for the night followed closely by edwards.

Birchall was sending some tru ball, orchestrating the play and generally he is in a class by himself. He is at a higher level than the rest of the midfielders on the team. In terms of intelligence, plays, running off the ball etc. Plus he running hard and fit.

Now a point to note, is that TT was attack right tru. Wave after wave of attack. You could see set plays and runs being orchestrated.

Tiger had a good game, hitting shots and sending in crosses for Stern to Miss.

Carlos give Stern a cross in the first half keeper beaten.....Stern is unmarked. It is an OPEN GOAL...Stern Blazes the ball overbar with less than six inches between he and the goal line. No lie it was that bad.

The entire stand Boo him at half time, he get so much cuss from all and sundry some of he family members coulda get pregnant.

Ironically it was the Bermudans who had to show us how to score.cross come in a defender slide in and boom ...OWN GOAL.

Second goal was by Jones, well taken....tru ball from Edwards and he slot it past the keeper.

Third goal a goal mouth scrimmage that Lawrence tuck away.

Final Goal yes Stern score......a chip over the keeper.

But before that he throw away 3 one on ones.

He miss about 2 other sitters and boy the amount of half chance that we coulda put on Bermuda.

Forumites we creating shooting chances and we shooting at goal.

Second half Rojas and Tiger came orf. Theobold and one of the Wolfe fellas came on and they real handle it.

Gary Glasgow and Rahim came on as well for Seaton and Jones and they performed creditably as well.

I sorry alyuh couldnt have seen this TT performance 100 times better than what we usually see. It improved dramatically from the Lima game and even then we played well.

Well thats it a gone.

Player ratings:

Ince 7.....didnt have nuttin to do or any saves to make




Rojas....yes he show he ent able again........5

Tiger.........7 he had a decent game shooting and crossing decent


Birchall..............8.5...Fellas He is the best thing this side see since Latapy, He ent have dribbling skills but passing and vision there.
a complete center midfielder.

Edwards.........8.5.Carlos in ripping form.........Them Bermudans ent know wha kinda beat they eat tonight. he pull all kinda tricks and had them going. Plus the crosses were effective.

Jones...6.5.....is only because he score he get that grade other wise he ent cut out for that fwd role, he ent have the killer instinct and sharpness.

Theobold.......7...play real good on the left flank.

Rahim.......handle it for the mins he was on but not long enough to give a score.

The wing back who replace Rojas........7.5. The fella play real good and ent make no mistake and most importantly he make some deft overlapping runns whipping the ball in and working well with theobold. this is a better pair than Tiger Rojas.