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Dwight Yorke during the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-ColaWhile on the Caribbean leg of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, FIFA ambassador Dwight Yorke took some time out to answer a few questions from fans posted on the tour’s official Facebook page.

Here are some of the questions selected by Dwight, check to see if yours was picked!

Would you ever consider forming a crime fighting team with Shola Ameobi, Emile Heskey and Shaka Hislop? – Matthew Williams
Yorke: I could see me forming such a crime fighting team as they are big lads anyway.

Are you opening any football academies in Trinidad and Tobago? – Xavier Macfarlane
No, my mentor Bertile St.Clair has an excellent coaching academy, the system I came through which created the foundation of my career.

What was the worst moment of your footballing career? – Alexander Blumenthal
Falling out of love with football in 2004 due to a personal reason. When my sister died I realized football was no longer first priority in my life. This sad experience has put things in a different perspective.

Who did you enjoy to play with the most at Manchester United? Very rarely Manchester United finishes a session below the top four. Is there something unique about the management of the club? – Yuri Pereira
Manchester United is a star studded team with star studded players. The partnership with Andy Cole stood out the most for me and of course the club’s great manager Sir Alex.

Which defender did you most fear in your time in the Premier League? – Järed Ali
At the top of my game I really did not fear anybody. I played for 20 years so came across many of them.

What team or player are you most looking forward to seeing this summer at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil? And who do you tip to win it? – Omran Taryam
My tip would be Brazil as playing at home or Germany as first ever European team to win a FIFA World Cup in South America. I am looking forward to seeing Neymar and the pressure he will come under to perform. Other than that, I Iook forward to Messi’s performance and to see how England does.

Thank you to all the fans that sent in their questions. Stay tuned for more opportunities to interact with Dwight and other football superstars that will join us along the tour. See you on our next stop!