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TOP NATIONAL footballers Kevin Molino and Canadian-born Arin King are both vying for the Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year awards as the First Citizens Sports Foundation stages its annual sports awards tomorrow at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s.

A total of 51 persons were nominated by their respective sporting organisations - 30 male and 21 female.

Here is a look at some of the nominees -

For the first time in 13 years, Trinidad and Tobago were able to field their strongest team for the 2014 Caribbean Cup competition. It was the perfect opportunity for this country’s established stars to enhance their credentials and Kevin Molino did not disappoint.

The midfielder bagged four goals - including a hat-trick - in a 6-1 victory over the Dominican Republic as Trinidad and Tobago won their second/final round qualifying group. At the Caribbean Cup finals in Jamaica, Molino scored another three goals where Trinidad and Tobago eventually finished runners-up in the tournament to Jamaica.

Molino also top scored in the USL Pro league in the USA with a USL Pro record 20 strikes in 27 appearances for Orlando City in the franchise’s final season in the competition. Orlando topped the regular season standings and exited at the quarterfinals of the USL playoffs.

Molino and his teammates are currently looking forward to their forthcoming MLS debut this weekend.

It was perhaps the first time in their history that the Trinidad and Tobago women’s team was able to captivate attention from all across the country, during a brief and thrilling odyssey of crests and troughs.

Arin King was one of the heroines of this chapter. She was outstanding as she helped Trinidad and Tobago to win the CFU Caribbean Women’s Championship on home soil. She was part of the defensive crew that preserved clean sheets throughout the competition, and was particularly impressive during the 1-0 final victory over Jamaica. At the CONCACAF Championship in the USA, King was again a cog at the back as team TT earned fourth place in the tournament and an inter-continental play-off tie versus Ecuador for a place in this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup.

While a 1-0 defeat to the Ecuadorians denied this country a place in the World Cup, King and her crew earned deserved praise for a job well done.