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Thu, Feb


REYNOLD CARRINGTON served many good balls during his playing days at Defence Force, Directv W Connection and the Trinidad and Tobago national team. These days, he has joined a new team—Newlands/Mahaica.

Just a month ago, he was assistant coach to Russell Latapy on the national Under-17 boys team and he has also been coach of the Point Fortin Civic professional football team. Add local Government councillor to Carrington’s latest achievement. 

Carrington, a 46-year-old Point Fortin-born former Trinidad and Tobago national footballer, was on Monday elected People’s National Movement (PNM) councillor for the Newland/Mahaica district in the Point Fortin Borough Corporation. The PNM swept the Corporation 7-0. 

Carrington made his mark as a local-based professional with W Connection and also rugged midfielder on the national team, playing with Dwight Yorke, Russell Latapy, Marvin Andrews, Clayton Ince, Dennis Lawrence, Angus Eve and Ancil Elcock, among others. He has also had overseas playing stints in the USA and Indonesia.

“I see myself as someone to make a difference for the Newland/Mahaica area and Point Fortin by extension,” Carrington said of his political ambitions. “At local Government level, we are closer to the people. I hope to engage and get them to be part of the decision-making process.”

Carrington first took a shot at local Government in 2010. He said it was at a point where he had just about ended his playing career and was approached about going up for the same district under Jack Warner’s Independent Liberal Party. He was unsuccessful.

“I was given a second chance to serve under the PNM and was the successful candidate in the seat,” said Carrington, who has now emulated the achievement of his dad Edison Carrington, a former PNM councilor.

Carrington said his ambition is about job creation initiatives and empowering the young persons of Point Fortin to take what opportunities there are to better themselves -- be it through sport, and otherwise.

“Point Fortin had always been considered the capital of sport and culture,” Carrington said. “But, in recent years, we have fallen away a bit.”

“I still do not see Point Fortin short of talent,” Carrington added. “Most of the players from Naparima College, St Benedicts and Presentation (San Fernando) are born in Point Fortin.”

And while his heart is still in the sport, the former midfielder says he is aware that being a Government councillor could change his professional life.

“In local Government, we have people who are doctors and lawyers serving,” Carrington declared. “My work is in professional football. But with coming local government reforms, the plan is to have full-time councillors. When the time comes for a councillor to become a full-time occupation, I will make a decision,” Carrington said.