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Sat, Apr


BLINK/BMOBILE have come to the rescue of the Junior Soca Warriors.

The telecommunication giants pumped over $500,000 into the cost of a football camp for the under-20 youngsters in Florida.

Previously, a camp in Mexico was called off at the last moment due to lack of funding, which left the Mexicans furious. 

But local sports management company All Sport intervened and approached TSTT to assist with funding the Florida Camp, and they promptly agreed. 

The Junior Soca Warriors are preparing for CONCACAF final round of World Cup qualifiers in neighbouring Jamaica. In which they are grouped with hosts Jamaica, USA, Panama, Guatemala and Aruba. 

The youngsters are expected to begin their Florida Camp from tomorrow and go on to January 7, during which they will play matches against academy teams and also being on the training pitch twice daily. 

Making the announcement of the sponsorship yesterday, chief marketing officer of Blink/BMobile Camille Campbell said “this company has a rich history of association with football.” 

And she noted that they were the principal sponsors of the Soca Warriors of the historic 2006 campaign and also supported the under-20s when they qualified for Under-20 World Cup finals in Egypt. 

Campbell added: “We are delighted to step in to ensure our boys have an even chance of making it into the finals next year. We wish them well."