Former national captain Russell Latapy is set to return home to take up duties with the Warriors under new head coach Leo Beenhakker early next month.

Latapy has already met with some of T&T’s overseas-based pros and has confessed that the current move is one which he has anticipated for a long time and he’ s ready to give his all, even as a player.

But it seems like Beenhakker, who has little knowledge of the T&T players is not happy with having to wait until next month for Latapy to join the squad.

Beenhakker openly stated on Wednesday that this may cause him to bring in two Dutch coaches.

According to reports yesterday, it is quite possible that Beenhakker who has had a close relationship with David Nakhid, having coached him at Grasshoppers FC, may just be influenced to reconsider Latapy’s appointment as his assistant.

Some members of the team, particularly the younger ones, have already expressed excitement over the chance to work or even play alongside the ‘Little Magician’.

The decision to bring such a team together, mainly through the efforts of special advisor Jack “Austin” Warner was applauded, but fans yesterday questioned whether Latapy and Nakhid who have been known to have problems working together, could in fact settle their differences in the interest of the team.

It is also understood that Bruce Aanensen was hired mainly because there was urgent need for a better structure to be implemented for the management of the ‘Warriors’.

Several players felt that the former manager was unable to carry out such duties during a recent meeting between the players and the Technical Advisory Committee of the TTFF.

The TTFF is yet to state exactly when Latapy will arrive in the country while Nakhid has made his presence felt with Beenhakker over the past few days.

No one attached to the TTFF has given an indications on when the midfielder will be here.