Wed, Jul

Former Manchester United standout Dwight Yorke, is insisting that the flying from Sydney to Port-of-Spain will have no negative effects on his physical readiness to represent the Warriors in international football.

The T&T skipper was responding to concerns about his ability to perform adequately after long flights for matches, when he begins his two-year contract with Sydney FC in a couple months time.

“I haven’t actually made the trip as yet from Sydney to Port-of-Spain, but I can assure you that when the time comes it will have no negative effect on me coming to represent the country,” Yorke said.

“I have made the trip from London before and as a professional, you just need to know what measures to take to ensure that it doesn’t affect your performance.

“I have made that commitment to the country and I am prepared to take the necessary measures to ensure that it doesn’t cause a problem.

“I think once I am back with the team within the five days before a game, then there should be no problem at all,” Yorke said.