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Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Carlos Edwards, one of the fastest rising players from T&T's fields took time out during the current training camp in Ft Lauderdale to share some thoughts with us. Just some briefs that might be of interest to his fans.

The former St Anthony's College player spoke about his younger days, mentioning an interesting fact which was that he never represented any T&T youth team before making his senior international debut during the 1999 Copa Caribe (Caribbean Cup) which preceded his debut for the T&T Under 23 team. Before that, he started off playing for Diego Martin-based side Patna United at age 12 after being encouraged throughout by his uncle and grandfather Claude Griffith. Success at the National Intercol level would follow in 1997 with St Anthony's College.

"I actually made by debut for the senior team before any other national team," Edwards told TTFF Media. "It's something I look back at and feel proud about and it's helped pushed me through to where I am at the moment."

Fresh from a signing with Luton Town in the English Championship League which Edwards said "is obviously the best deal I've gotten involved in,"  he's now looking to achieve bigger and better things which obviously is playing in the Premiership and being part of the 2006 World Cup experience with the "Warriors.

"It's without a doubt my biggest ambition at the moment," said the former Defence Force standout who tasted Pro League success in the inaugural season of the T&T League in 1999 alongside former Wrexham teammate Dennis Lawrence and Hector Sam who is now a member of Port Vale alongside new T&T recruit Chris Birchall.

Read Carlos' responses.....

1. What’s your most memorable moment or match, whether for country or Club?
Scoring my  first international goal against Guatemala in the World Cup qualifier earlier this year. Even though it was not a great goal or a good result for us, it’s one of those things you tend to cherish for the rest of your life . And for club, it has to be playing for Wrexham at the Millennium Stadium at LDV Cup final 2-0 win over South End United in front of. 36,000 last season
2. Name two persons, whether relative or not who have been an inspiration to you.
Late Grandfather Claude Griffith – he always there behind me, encouraging me to follow my dreams. He also bought my first pair of football boots at age 10 while I was at St Crispin Anglican School on Ariapita Avenue.

3. Any favourite player or team?
AC Milan, Brazil, Ronaldo
4. What would be your preferred other profession.
5. What do you hope to accomplish either in next 5 years or end of playing career.
Taking Trinidad to its highest FIFA ranking and  playing in major tournament which would obviously be the World Cup
6. Who’s been among your most admired coaches and why?
Ian Porterfield. I’m, still getting to know Leo Beenhakker but they same way of handling the team. They both know what they can get out of the players and they let you play your football or play the game on a whole without anything disturbances  yet they have a clever way of letting you  know when you are messing up.
7. What do you think of T&T’s chances of making it to the 2006 World Cup.
I always think positive and now more than ever I think we stand a great chance, 95 per cent surety.

8. Any instances or plays that you always reflect on.
Look at situation this way, if you can be one special person out of the population of 1.5 million  to play football, it’s something special, when you look at everything whether home or in England, the developing rate etc, and people  sweating blood and getting peanuts in return,  and then see us  as footballers being able to make  a decent living, it makes you appreciate what you have and others for what they may have or may not have.  Unfortunately there are some who can’t get anything when the month ends. Not speaking lowly about them but it makes you realize more about life. It’s how the world is at the moment. I consider myself one of the lucky ones.
8. What’s the best piece of advice you have received.
Always keep your head on your shoulders, respect elders and treat everyone else as you would treat yourself. If you don’t like yourself, don’t expect other to like you.
9. What do you do to relax away from the game.
Chill out watching on TV. Not concentrate on the game but when the time comes, I know when it’s time to focus. I’m always nervous ahead of a game whether it be Bermuda or any high profile team we are playing.
9. What’s your favorite dish?
Anything Chinese

10. Favourite drink
Apple Juice

11. Favorite time of year?
 Christmas -  a chance to spend with close people especially my son Tristan

12. Most comfortable football boot?
Adidas all the way.
13. Name one thing about yourself you would change if given the chance? Even if it meant going back in time.
My age. Would like to be younger
14. Preferred Wear.

15. Any advice to young ones?
Always keep your head up and on at the same time. Never be discouraged but use bad times as something that you can turn around to spur yourself on in the long run.