US-based striker Scott Sealy says he’s pumped up for his reintroduction into the National senior team for today’s 2006 World Cup qualifier against the United States in Connecticut.

The Kansas City Wizards forward currently has seven goals this season in the MLS and has recently caught good form and has also caught the eye of T&T head coach Leo Beenhakker.

Sealy is yet to make an appearance for the “Warriors” in the final round of the qualifiers but insists that he’s up for the challenge.

“I haven’t been in the team for  a while now but I think once I get the chance on Wednesday, I should be up for it. The last few months have been a really good learning experience for me in the MLS. I had been playing well but I just wasn’t scoring and now of late, the goals have started coming and my confidence has grown,” Sealy said after training in Hartford on the eve of the encounter.

Like Stern John, Sealy is intent on making the best of his time in the MLS and hopefully move on to bigger things in the years ahead.

Q&A with Sealy

1.What’s your most memorable moment or match, whether for Country or Club?

Game against South Korea, the shot which hit the crossbar. It didn’t score but it was a big moment and the result was a good one for us
2. Name two persons, whether relative or not who have been an inspiration to you.
My mother Annette Sealy

3. Any favourite player or team?
Adriano and Chelsea

4.What would be your preferred other profession?
A Pilot
5. What do you hope to accomplish either in next 5 years or end of playing career?
Hopefully playing in a World Cup and winning some sort of silverware with the club I’m with.
6. Who’s been among your most admired coaches and why?
Edmond Pouchet, even though was swimming he was a good mentor and in football Luciano Woodley at St Mary’s College in 1997 because he gave me a prospective that no other coach has been able to  give me. He was a forward and he had a good knowledge of the game. Ken Butcher too because he was at CIC for two years and we developed a good relationship, beyond football.

7. What do you think of T&T’s chances of making it to the 2006 World Cup?
I think the chances are still good. We need at least four or even three points in the next two games.

8. Any instances or plays that you always reflect on?
When I control the ball well in a difficult situation or just keep reflecting on some of the goals that I have scored. That keeps me on top of my game.
9. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?
Just to put your best foot forward and things will work out.

10. What do you do to relax away from the game?
I just cool it by watching tv, listen to music, play video games and chilling with the family..
11. What’s your favorite dish?
Sesame Chicken

12. Favourite drink

13. Favorite time of year?

12. Most comfortable football boot?
Copa Mundial but now I like the Adidas F50s

13.What was the high point for you this season as well as the low point?
High point has been getting in a groove with Kansas now and being consistent in terms of appearances. Low point has been struggling to adapt early in the MLS as well as not being a regular member of the T&T team for the final round of the qualifiers up to now.