Wed, Jul

FIFA Vice President and Special Advisor to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation  Jack Warnerhas paid tribute to former National team captain Dwight Yorke, describing his decision to hang up his boots from international football in order to take Sunderland into the Premiership as one that will be respected and supported.

“I only just learnt of your decision to retire from international football, ingesting the not altogether surprising announcement with a mixture of melancholy and warm reflection upon your selfless and sedulous dedication to team Trinidad and Tobago,” Warner stated in a letter to Yorke.

“More than most, I remember in this same vein your initial declaration in 2001 and found myself musing upon both the quantity and quality of water that has flowed under the bridge between that time and your return to the national squad; culminating in the crowning glory of leading the Soca Warriors to and through Germany 2006 – and with distinction at every sequence.

“As you are aware, I have keenly followed your prowess and progress from the early days at Signal Hill Senior Comprehensive School , through engagements with Aston Villa, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City , Sydney FC and now at Sunderland .

“My memories are therefore not limited to only the dazzling flashbacks during your tour of duty as player and captain of team Trinidad and Tobago . Although the 59 official caps and 29 goals scored under that aegis rank for voluminous congratulation, those among us who dutifully monitor your career, will undoubtedly include in the final reckoning the more than 100 matches you played as a T&T flag-bearer, and in considering the larger portfolio consequently admit the inadequacy of merely saying "thank you."

“Your expressed determination to concentrate on the Black Cats' promotion campaign without undue distraction is indeed noble and it is my wish that you achieve the optimal outcome of this pursuit, our loss comforted to some degree by the heartwarming humility of your describing participation in and stewardship of the national team as "a great personal and professional honour," not to mention your thoughtful tribute to "our fantastic and unique fans."

“I feel confident that I speak for at least the entire local football community in giving the assurance that your contribution to the success of team Trinidad and Tobago remains immeasurable. The crucial role you played in the ascendancy of The Soca Warriors extended well beyond astute captaincy and indeed included inspiration to not only your teammates but the nation at large, by bringing your vision and enormous experience to bear on that magnificently led campaign.

“The many and various awards and accolades bestowed on you, naming of the stadium at Bacolet in eternal tribute to your work and continuing nationwide appreciation of your intervention in local football (not to mention 64 goals in 151 games for the legendary “Manchester United team) do not tell even half the story which, I hope, will one day soon be committed to print or equally lasting biographical format.

“Such a move remains in the realm of speculation, quite unlike the certainty that the name Dwight Eversley Yorke will remain indelibly etched in the annals of local football, and occupy no less prestigious a space as history records for posterity, globally acclaimed highlights of the beautiful game,” Warner then signed.

The President of the TTFF also wished the former Blackburn Rovers striker the very best in his future endeavors on behalf of the local footballing fraternity.