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Warner and LatapyFirstly I cannot defend the indefensible, the results of the national senior football team have been below par, and we need to undertake the appropriate analysis and implement corrective measures that will reverse the performance of the team (all inclusive).

I akin our National Senior Team to that of an organization, let’s say Google, with its structure and systems to support its valued resources (employees or team members), and each having a clear understanding of his or her role and responsibility.  With this understanding, each team member can discharged his or her role with passion, pride, commitment and independent responsibility.

That being said, National Team under the leadership of Coach Russell Latapy, with his supporting staff of Manager David Mohammed and Technical Director Lincoln Phillips, and players (the current structure and resources) is the platform for success or lack thereof.  I submit that no organization desirous of being competitive in the global market (be it Google or our National Senior Football Team), can or will be successful without quality responsible leadership and quality responsible players.

My Independent research on Coach Latapy revealed that he was not only a quality player, but posses the leadership skills necessary to be a successful as a coach and person. While at Porto he was an instrumental and influential as a player and strategic thinker with Coach Sir Bobby Robson and assistant Coach Jose Morinho, who is now the Head Coach at Real Madrid.

It is clear that Coach Latapy’s strategy is to provide the local players with an opportunity; however these players collectively do not possess the quality or the football intelligence to be competitive. I’m therefore suggesting that Coach Latapy change his strategy direction and build a team using the foreign based players as its spine, as our local players do not have the mental aptitude and attitude to be successful.

I also reflected on the resources and tools that Coach Latapy received from The Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) to discharged his responsibility, and compared them with his predecessors Leo Beenhakker and Francisco Maturana.

For example, both of his predecessors were provided with the luxury and opportunity to select their backroom staff, and both gentlemen brought with them their respective coaches, while Coach Latapy is performing his duties without this benefit. The question therefore that must be address by TTFF is what are you doing as an organization to provide Coach Latapy with the resources and tools to ensure his success and the success of the Senior National Football Team?

When the Minister of sports recently made out of timing pronouncements about Coach Latapy’s lack of success, it was evident that it was his lips moving, but the echoes of the Minister of Works in the background.

I’m suggesting to TTFF that they put Coach Latapy and the Senior National Football Team in a position to be successful by providing the  support, resources and tools, if not, they cannot escape without taking responsibility for the  sub -par performances of the team.

Stephen Mohammed

For Minister Roberts.

Why is the Minister of Sports jumping up and down like a monkey on a razor’s edge? In all of his public statements  to date on Russell Latapy he has been extremely negative and has not utter a supporting  word given the challenges latas face with poor quality players  at his disposal.

The Minister also announced to the public Latapy’s salary, I would like for Mark Pouchet to publicly announce the Minister’s salary and full benefits, plus all of his other incomes from external sources.

Michael Ali- Trincity