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Coach LatapyRussell Latapy arrived in Trinidad from Scotland on Saturday night and is expected to be here for at least the rest of the month, as he awaits word from the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation on whether he will have any further part to  play in its affairs with local football.

It has been widely reported that Latapy will be replaced as head coach of the “Soca Warriors” by a foreign coach with ex-Portugal national team coach Carlos Queiroz tipped to be the man for the job.

And while TTFF technical adviser has gone on record of saying Latapy will be replaced, the “Little Magician” has himself received no official correspondence from the TTFF over the termination of his services or at least a shift in position.

The same occurred with Bertille St Clair in 2000, Ian Porterfield in 2001 and Francisco Maturana would also have seen all the evidence leading to his services being halted in 2009 via the media.

But according to TTFF President Oliver Camps, the TTFF will go about its dealing with Latapy in an appropriate and cordial manner.

“This is what we are going to be doing this time. We need to halt these stop gap measures. It’s about getting the right people to come in and get involved.  Until the process is completed I will not be saying anything about a national coach.

Reports are being evaluated. The Executive Committee will get together and then decide where we go from here. The reports in the media about coaches being hired or fired is true at this time.

“As far as I am concerned, as President of the TTFF, that is how I feel it should be done and that is how I will like to see the process come through with us dealing with Russell Latapy in a professional manner.

I cannot prevent some leaks but we will sit with Russell and hold discussions on his future involvement with the TTFF,” said Camps.

“I personally would like to see us groom someone like Latapy and not just discard him when it comes to his involvement with the development of our football. A football brain like his in our country does not come along often in a lifetime,” said Camps.

Latapy has been in Portugal but spent the last few days in Scotland before heading for Port-of-Spain. It has been rumoured that if Queiroz does take up the post as head coach, that Latapy could be made his assistant particularly as he also speaks Portuguese fluently.