Sat, Jul

“It is wonderful to read in the papers that Jack Warner and the management off the T&TFF has forgiven Dwight Yorke and allowed him to return to the national team.”

These were the words of Earl “Mango” Pierre, former president of the T&T Players Association in the United States, upon hearing that Dwight Yorke will be in the T&T team for the first World Cup match against the United States on Wednesday at Queen’s Park Oval.

Speaking yesterday to G-Sports Pierre said: “Personally I dont think he will make a difference on the team because he is not playing to the level he once played and the only reason he played to that level for Manchester United was because of the talent he had around him, to name a few, Andy Cole, Ryan Giggs, Scholes, and Keane.

“If you look at his game now he’s not playing to the level he once played. He cannot even make the starting team in Birmingham.

“If Jack Warner can bury the hachet there is one piece to the puzzle that is missing and that is Russel Latapy, who is still one of the best playmakers on the team.

“With Yorke, Nakhid, and Latters we can look like a team once more.

“Another point I want to make is that the only way we can beat the Americans is that we have to play them like how the Mexicans play against them—we have to always out skill them if we want to be victorious.

“The last point I would like to make is that the statement that Mr Warner made about this time around is the best chance for us to qualify for the World Cup.

“I think our adviser has a short memory. The best chance we had and would ever have is back in 1989, when we had to sell out to the Americans in order for them to have their World Cup in 1994.”