Sun, Feb

Romulo Gallegos team

THE Romulo Gallegos and Fenix ​​Futsal teams will play this Sunday in the grand final of the second championship of the Triniven Futsal League.

The match will be played at Constantine Park, Macoya and starts at 2pm.

The La Casita of Arima Cup will be in dispute.

Romulo Gallegos earned their ticket after beating Union Sport 4-1 in the first semifinal played last Sunday.

Fenix ​​Futsal reached the final by beating Real Sports 8-2 in the second semifinal.

Fenix ​​Futsal have on their payroll a large part of the squad of players, who won the championship at the last tournament representing Mafas-Ven, who disappeared after winning the title.

Eulices Zacarias, the main organiser of this tournament, recognised the efforts of the players to keep the league at a high level despite the difficulties due to the lack of courts and bad weather.

“It has been a good tournament. The teams are well-organised and it will be a nice final,” he said.

Musical and cultural events are expected before the final game.

At 1pm, the game for third place between Real Sport and Union Sport will be played.