Thu, Jun


Canadian-born Anthony Bahadur, who has been with the Canadian U-23s has also gone on record stating that if Stephen Hart does not call him to the current Canada senior team then he will consider playing for T&T, home country of his father.

The senior team meantime, in the midst of preparations for the 2012 Caribbean Cup, received an invitation to play Colombia on October 16. That would definitely be a much welcomed encounter for the “Soca Warriors.”

The next few months will prove to be crucial to T&T’s attempts to get its football house in order as it makes bold steps to shake off the disappointments of an early 2014 exit.

That aside, national trainer Gilbert Bateau deserves credit for persisting over the years with sons Sean and Sheldon, both ex-national youth team players with the latter bringing joy to the family when he completed his move to Belgium a week ago.

Bateau has worked tirelessly with several youth players in the last decade. I share with you Gilbert’s note to his son:

“Sheldon congratulations. I said when you leave Trinidad don’t look back. Follow your dreams. This is what you wanted and with God’s help and your hard work you got it.

This journey has just started. I’ve been told by almost everybody the strides you have made over the years as if I didn’t know and I said I did not think I should tell you just yet because the time wasn’t right.

I think now is the right time to tell you how proud I am as a father to watch you come through the years,” Bateau wrote in a note to his son on the day he signed the contract in Belgium.