Mon, Feb


Malta Carib Alcons opened the new Eastern Football Association (EFA) season with a victory after edging SKHY FC at UTT ground. Alcons scored a 1-0 win with Tyrik John’s (Stern John son) lone item coming in the 52th minute.

There were also victories for House of Dread, who beat BOSS FC 4-0, while Valtrin drew 2-2 with Carib FC and WASA FC held Prison FC 1-1.


SKHY FC 0 Malta vs Carib Alcons 1 (Tyrik John 52th)

House of Dread 4 (Jameel Forde 33rd, Kristoff John 47th, Jameel Forde 68th & 75th) vs BOSS FC 0

WASA FC 1 (Romano Rampersad 57th) vs T&T Prisons 1 (Ricardo Alleyne 73rd)

Valtrin United 2 (Dwight Crichlow 41st, Christopher Mohammed 45th) vs Carib FC 2 (Ancil Lezama 61st, Kareem Caldon 65th)
Barataria Ball Players 4 (Joseph Alexander 45th, Christian Latapy 61st, Shawndell Jones (65th, Victor Cordner (89th) vs  Crompton SC 0

Eastern Alliance 5 (Kayode Williams 16th & 72nd, Kareem Williams 32nd, Christopher Beharrysingh 51st, Obasi Jones 82nd) vs FC Supreme XI FC

Joe Public FC 1 (Shaquille Rosal 70th) vs T&T Airguard 5 (Dwain Alzola 16 & 60th, Corey Romain 32nd, Chike Carrera 75th, Noel Moore 81st)

Elements FC 3 (Canias Wilson 44th, Keonn John 52nd, Donell Herbert 73rd) vs Vorstelijke FC 1 (Ricardo Allen 87th)